Top Five Things To Look For In A Retail Butcher Store And Meat Processing Facility

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Blog by The Country Butcher Lambton Meat Products

For many of us, the butcher shop is unfamiliar territory. With a wide variety of meat options, from beef and pork to chicken and seafood, navigating through the meaty line can be a daunting task.

So, how do you go about shopping for meat, and what should you look for in a butcher store?

In this blog, we have shared some meatastic wisdom on butcher shops. Go through our list of the top five things to look for in a retail butcher store and meat processing facility to ensure you have a good experience once you get there.

1. Quality
You want a butcher shop that sells quality meats. At The Country Butcher / Lambton Meat Products, we take great care to keep our counters full of top-quality meats and our grocery shelves stocked with products from reputable suppliers.

2. Great value
Pricing is always a factor in meat sales, and we aim to always be competitive as we understand that everyone has a budget, whether it be larger or smaller.

3. Selection
People like to have options. We offer the standard, well-known cuts of meat but also offer lesser-known cuts and meat varieties, such as Bison, venison, elk, goat, rabbit, and duck.

4. Local
We all appreciate knowing where our food is coming from. So our aim is to always carry local meats either from Lambton county or Ontario and most certainly Canadian.

5. Helpful staff
When visiting a butcher store, make sure their staff is willing to talk to you about what you want and help you find the best cuts for what you’re doing.

At The Country Butcher Lambton Meat Products, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable, friendly staff. We can offer up advice on products and even give tips on cooking. No question is a ‘silly question,’ and if we don’t know, then we find out.

If you’re looking for butchers in Sarnia and Alvinston, Ontario, reach out to The Country Butcher Lambton Meat Products. We focus on delivering premium quality fresh food to your table. A wide variety of our meats are produced locally. We also carry antibiotic and hormone-free products and grass-fed/finished beef.

We have clients visiting our butcher and meat shop from across Sarnia, Alvinston, Glencoe, Watford, Strathroy, and the surrounding areas.

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